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Wiper Premium robots are the result of years of experience in the robotics sector, able to offer increasingly efficient and reliable lawnmower robots. Wiper Premium lawnmower robots can be activated just by pressing a button or using a smartphone. The type of work, areas and activation times of the machine can be easily programmed via the control panel or a smartphone. In an emergency, just press the “Stop” button at the centre of the machine to stop the robot immediately. A special protection system, which prevents the cutting blade from touching small objects, has been developed to ensure the safety of people and animals in the garden. Moreover, for a better lawn, all of the robots have a rain sensor, which makes them return to their recharging station and remain in standby until the rain stops. Should you want to use the robot even while it is raining, just disable the sensor.

Wiper Professional

The Big Surfaces Expert

Wiper Yard is designed for all those people who needs to manage great surfaces such as parks, golf courses or football fields, reducing the grass maintenance costs.Thanks to its last generation technology and mechanical features, Yard is one of the most reliable robot in the market able to manage big surfaces up to 30.000 sm. Yard robots are equipped with Can Bus technology which allows the machine to make an auto-check grouping together all data and encoding them in CAN (Controller Area Network) language.

Wiper Ecorobot

NIKO company is keen on to study and hand out products that would have a better environmental sensibility and that would guarantee an eco-compatible use with the outdoor everyday life. Economically, NIKO contributes towards the plans that support the environmental and ecological challenges and the environmental resources safeguard.

We engineer and create robots for domestic use, based on the simplicity of use: they are functional and solid and they don’t need particular care. The robots are able to give you emotions, they are in agreement with the family’s outdoor living. With the active contribution of the involved people, we carry on with our technological partners to improve our robots’ performances.

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